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The Borrog Warriors

As you approach the edge of town there is a building of wood and stone, grown over with large ivy and has several spikes of varying length stuck in the ground around it like a macabre fence, the hall’s barricade is topped with the heads of various beasts ranging from goblins to the twisted visages of humans. Each has had a chain strung through it’s jaws, which have been tied shut. The Chain is draped in furs and pieces of once fine cloth, making a mockery of a curtain wall around the hall itself. Light stubs outward from the building’s closed windows; occasional interruptions of the light reveal movement within by dozens of large figures. You have now entered the “Lair of Krumasha”.

Lighting cracks in the horizon as darkness approaches, from the west comes a cool breeze. Bringing with the stench of death and campfire. A far distance away, war cries of an ancient tribe can be heard as they prepare for battle. It is up to you to get this task done and get it done quickly to change the tide of war.
This campaign is currently in structure.

A Dungeons & Dragons Playing Module for 3.5 rules. There will be a conversion to 4.0 later.
Take a look at the Wiki Mass Unit Combat for combat sequence.

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The Borrog Warriors Voaraghamanthar